Professional photography from chess tournaments

My name is Maria and I photograph chess tournaments.

I am the mother of a young chess player and often go to chess tournaments with my son. I used to work for several automotive magazines and now I can offer you some great chess photos of your chess milestone.

Photos according to USCF rules at chess tournaments can only be taken without a flash. And in some ballrooms it is quite dark and not all pictures turn out well. And please understand, I can't take pictures of everyone, because it's not always possible to approach in a way that doesn't interfere with the chess game. After all, the most important thing in a tournament is the Chess Game.

Pictures of chess with a resolution of 1080px can be downloaded for free by placing them in the basket. You just place an order and the photo will be automatically sent to your mail. Photos with a resolution of 3500 pixels cost $50. You choose the required resolution when ordering. Free good quality or paid premium. The previews on the tournament pages you see are 72 pixels in size to reduce server load. Download free and premium high resolution photos from chess tournaments via options! Don't rely on previews. Save your photos from chess tournaments!

You can also order personal photo sessions at those chess tournaments that are announced. To order a personal photo shoot, contact me using the form below.

Good luck chess players!

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