I’ve posted here the Photo from 2023 Arizona Chess Spring Training Classic, in Mesa, Arizona.
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Photo from 2023 Arizona Chess Spring Training Classic was taken under USCF rules without flash. And I hope you remember that it was quite dark in the ballroom and not all the photos looked good even after processing. And, of course, I try not to disturb the players. Not all chess players were photographed, because it is not always possible to approach them so as not to interfere with the game. But the most important thing in the tournament is the chess game.
In any case, you all were great in this tournament! Congratulations to all the winners who have achieved their goals in this tournament!
And of course, I want to thank the organizers which provided an opportunity to take a Photo from 2023 Arizona Chess Spring Training Classic for the excellent organization and the opportunity to play only chess players without any third-party problems. 
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We will look forward to the next meeting with you!
Keep the memories and good luck in the next chess tournaments!
You can see all the results of this tournament here.
Your chess photographer,

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